Do you understand trauma and its effects?

Many people believe that trauma is something that is experienced in extreme cases like being in the Twin Towers on 9/11.  However, we have all gone through traumatic situations in our lives to one degree or another.  Trauma includes but is not limited to physical abuse, spiritual abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, molestation, rape, death of a loved one, divorce, accidents, and natural disasters.

Depending on our childhood and how our brains developed, we can react to trauma in very different ways.  Someone that had a nurturing and stable childhood and has experienced a small amount of trauma in their life’s journey may be able to survive and recover from much higher levels of trauma without serious, lingering painful effects as opposed to someone who has had a more unstable and traumatic life. Current traumatic situations can and often do bring the emotional pain of similar past traumatic experiences to the surface. Since we do not know what they have endured in the past, we should never judge a person’s reactions to situations in their lives.

  • Trauma is energy. It comes at you like a blow to a bone. That bone can receive a hair-line fracture, a splintering, a complete break or several breaks depending on the force behind the blow. Emotional and spiritual trauma have a similar effect on our hearts, minds, and spirits.
  • Trauma that does not receive healing will steadily distract our focus and drain our energy away from reaching our God-given destiny.  The pain from trauma will fester and eventually erupt like a volcano if it is not released and healed.

Jesus Christ can release and heal your emotional and spiritual pain and trauma from the past!

The Healing the Brokenhearted Ministry includes prayers that help do just that.


Secondary trauma is trauma that happened to someone else that you heard about or saw, but did not directly involve you.

Secondary trauma can have a significant impact on our hearts and spirits even though we did not experience the traumatic event first-hand.

  • Ministers, counselors, mental health professionals, police officers, firefighters, and people in many other professions that deal with the public can carry extreme and sometimes debilitating amounts of secondary pain and trauma!
  • A lady that attended one of our previous seminars told Kathy that she had to stop counseling due to the secondary pain and trauma that had built up in her! She had been a licensed counselor for many years.

This secondary trauma can also be released and the ministry recipient can be set free through prayer during the Healing the Brokenhearted Ministry.