Australia 2019

Kathy Shelton returned from a ministry trip to Australia on September 5, 2019.  The four week trip was not easy, but it proved that Kathy CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS her!  The entire trip was orchestrated by the Lord.  Kathy had no set plans, but the Lord had everything set up for her to minister where and to whom He had chosen.

What an AWESOME God we serve!!  Kathy had the privilege of sharing with some women about how trauma affects us.  She was also blessed to do some group ministry as well as individual ministry.

The Lord provided many divine appointments and opportunities for Kathy to pray with people and encourage them in different ways.  On her way to Sydney, she met a lady from Canada at the Los Angeles airport who was on her way to Fiji for her daughter’s wedding to a man she met online.  Kathy encouraged the lady and told her she would be praying for her and her daughter. The lady was very thankful!

While Kathy was at Captain Cook’s Lookout viewing the Pacific Ocean, she sobbed.  It was the last day she was in Australia and Kathy was overwhelmed, thinking about all God had done.  She was so humbled that He had given her the privilege to minister for Him in Australia.  Kathy is still praising our Most High God for what He did. He touched numerous people’s lives through her and blessed her beyond her wildest dreams while doing so.