Healing the Brokenhearted (HBH) Ministry seminars and workshops are a wonderful way to get the word out regarding the need for inner healing. We have been doing HBH seminars and workshops since 2009. They have been very powerful, impacting all who have attended in positive ways.

There are several differences between the HBH seminars and workshops that we have done. 

Workshops are done in one or two sessions and last between three hours and all day, each session beginning with a time of worship. Kathy ministers to the group after sharing her testimony and doing a short teaching about inner healing.

The goal of a workshop is to educate people about the need for inner healing and the availability of freedom from emotional pain and trauma through Jesus Christ. It is not a substitute for personal ministry, but allows a person to experience a certain level of relief to encourage them to pursue further inner healing if necessary.

A seminar includes four or five sessions held over a two-day period and provides much more information regarding the HBH Ministry method of inner healing. The goal of the seminar is once again to educate regarding the need for inner healing, but also to allow those who attend to have more information if they are considering ministering HBH. There is a registration process for the seminars and workshops which includes a minimal registration fee, and attendance is normally limited to a pre-determined number of people.  

We are willing to come to your church, fellowship, or small group, and can do either an HBH seminar or a workshop depending on your need.  If you are interested, send us an email, and we will be glad to give you more information.